Jared is a human being that hails from Downingtown, Pennsylvania. He was born to make people laugh, feel good about themselves and create an escape for the hard workers of the world who need a break from life's obstacles and hardships.

But how? How does Jared do this?

He grew up as the youngest of four in an Irish catholic family and he quickly learned what made everyone tick. Through listening, he found the right timing and charm to pull off a joke to make people laugh at themselves. This has become his instinct and the profession that propels him out of  bed every day. 

Jared acts, writes, and now even produces his own digital content. After graduating with a BFA in theatre from a conservatory (The Hartt School of Music at University of Hartford) and then touring with stand up for years, he decided to build his own army and make the content himself. He is the executive producer of Consensual Comedy and produces sketches, films and actor reels.




Mar Vista
Los Angeles, CA 90066